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Jedi Cats

Without further ado here are the Jedi Cats



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Need for Speed the Movie

Here is the new video of Need for Speed the movie.

Need for Speed the Movie

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StarCraft II Patch 2.1

The new patch for Starcraft II 2.1 is out. Arcade is also open to all players. Check it out.

The Official Website


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SteamPower 1830

The Closed Beta for SteamPower1830 is underway! I have a closed beta key to give away. The first person to email me at can have it. If you are reading this I still have it. So good luck to you. Here is a video of the gameplay to see if you would like to play it. Tablet, smartphone, PC/Mac

The Official Website

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Why the Wii U needs the competition

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U has seen a highely questionable year since it’s launch back in November 2012, the first next generation console currently available on the market is a hot topic for debate alongside the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One systems. Not only are Nintendo awaiting Sony & Microsoft to unleash their consoles there’s additional competition on the horizon that are looking to take a substantial slice of the constantly expanding market.


Fans are very familiar with the success that Nintendo’s garnered through using an impeccable formula with their immensely popular handheld DS devices. Gamers that already own the Wii U are chomping at the bit to see the console open up at a whole new level, at present day the gears are turning very slowly and most titles to be excited about are scheduled for a 2014 release date.


We’ve seen the news that’s gotten flaunted across the internet that Nintendo have cut prices, certain retailers are limiting hardware stock and prioritising other products because they are simply selling better. It was always going to be a challenge for the Wii U to directly compete against the current generation systems especially bringing a limited software arsenal to the debut year. Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 boast vast game libraries that make them a smarter investment overall.


Respectfully the next statement is easier said that done; I do firmly believe that Nintendo needs a more aggressive strategy towards promoting the Wii U system. Having software few and far between won’t engage the audience for too long, what’s even worse is that often the software get’s released at the highest price on offer. In the United Kingdom the majority of new titles are significantly inflated and maintain a less approachable price tag.


I am sure there are Wii U owners that are willing to loyally back the system till the end however that alone won’t keep the consoles head above water with the times ahead. Readers may find the above full of doom & gloom however Nintendo has a unique selling point that will elevate in interest when the Xbox One & Playstation 4 finally arrive.


For the most part we are no longer a one console culture, technology is in abudance and owning a single gadget would be a rarity to find in a person who has the resources. There’s a popular saying that any publicity is good publicity and that’s exactly how the Wii U will attract greater attention. From the starting gate the Wii U stands as the cheapest option as a next generation system on the market, it’s a choice many individuals are going to ponder over.


Upcoming games ames such as Watch Dogs that would be cheaper to acquire on the Wii U than the other two systems, certain consumers prefer the financially satisfying route yet purchasing the Wii U would need to be considered as a future investment. It may or may not pay off depending on your personal interests and preferences. That theory alone demonstrates a strong possible outcome that will naturally sway some money towards Nintendo. It’s a no brainer that Microsoft & Sony are going to reap the most rewards and accomplish way more.


When 2014 finally arrives Nintendo must once again naturally slot into the video game landscape as the innovative and alternative entity. That key selling point I mentioned above has to be Nintendo’s indentity that will become highlighted the further players get involved in the competition. Before you think too much on making sense of that statement please allow me to explain.


The Wii U has many exclusive franchises at their disposal, they’ve got their personal style that illuminates them amongst every other hardware developer. Historically the Playstation & Xbox systems have closely matched on games mainly due to the software demanding higher specifications to operate and turns into a war of power than appeal to their individual audiences.


Xbox One & PS4 are going to run the same loops as before, they’ll present multi platform games that make them both look similar. In essense this educates the consumer that regardless of choice your going to practically get the same thing from either product with few exceptions. As players relish in the power house consoles those Wii U advertisements are going to get gradually more appealing. Any consumer looking to purchase a second console won’t want to get something expensive that offers the same kind of experience, the need for something different will greatly influence that decision.


If you think Wii U exclusives you’ll likely imagine colourful, family friendly and dynamic experiences. Nintendo’s overall presentation is very different and worked on the original Wii console. To win the next generation war Nintendo does not possess the technology to attain first place, it’s greatest technique at their disposal is to tempt customers that initially go to the competition. A portion of players are going to feel the Xbox One’s or Playstations 4’s novelty run dry and need an alternative system to escape. At that very moment the Wii U is going to be on offer cheaper than it is now!


In short Nintendo needs it’s rivals to battle it out, tire the consumers and capitalize to improve unit sales.

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Next-Gen Politics

broken controller


You’d think video game journalism would be fine to moderate, I thought that and discovered how wrong I was. This next generation topic with the upcoming consoles has completely spiraled out of control, which brings me to the shocking revelation that the love of video games has lost meaning.


Even before Microsoft & Sony unveiled their respective products there has been an attitude circulated that brings out the worst in people, especially those journalists. Constantly every single day we see absurd articles being shoved down reader’s throats that vomit up absolute jargon regarding the silliest of differences.


Truth is it fuels a particular mentality that really doesn’t need encouraging. Fans are promoted to almost pick a side and subjected to pointless propaganda to sway the consumer’s potential decision. Gamers are going to continue competing against one another through a product in order to make themselves feel good in exchange of others feeling bad.


I respect that some people will naturally take this route, there are morons born each minute after all. No one seems to be voicing across how ridiculous and self-conning the whole process is. As an individual I choose something I’d like for me, if somebody else selects differently then fair play.


See my way of thinking?  Which many others are using, is logical. Either decision that can be made results in a game console that’s powerful; it will have differences but will deliver a fantastic experience. Why certain individuals are not satisfied with that mindset dumbfounds me.


The latest articles list spec comparisons to the finest insignificant detail, condescend each companies actions, slate the launch titles that are lined up and pretty much yank bogus claims seemingly from the sky. Aspiring journalists are after shock value to drive traffic; it makes sense because we all want to garner attention.  When game developers start to spew nonsense you know things are turning severely dire.


Developers aim to stir the hype, it’s horrid to see how far they try to take themselves seriously. Predictions are coming out left, right and center that are theoretically redundant. These video game directors are calling the outcomes to a future that no one can foretell; there are far too many variables to consider. Do not get me wrong predictions are fun and interesting at times but things have gone way too far.


The point to video gaming is simply for entertainment value, were entitled to become passionate about it yet the moment politics enters the equation you must take stock on whether your viewing this hobby in the right light. Games from the past are immortalized in history not just because of the quality, it’s too do with how we perceived the industry. The less we knew, the happier we were. Ignorance was undeniably bliss.


I am not worried about the industries next evolutionary stage; I find it a shame to see how far things have fallen. Money is the root of the problem; financial greed outweighs the genuine intention to deliver quality for the consumer. Tactics and their approaches are becoming ever more desperate. Without intending be a hypocrite, I must use an example that Microsoft was involved in to illustrate a point.


When the Xbox One was announced the presentation had a completely new vibe that we the players hadn’t seen before. Instead of selling a system that will appease interest, it felt like they believed this would take off regardless how the would be buyers perceived it. Bold, arrogant & presumptuous.


Would I use this example to deter anyone from purchasing an Xbox One? Never. Journalism promotes poison that as a writer I won’t have business being a part of. Whatever you choose to buy or play just please enjoy it! There isn’t any need to get wrapped up in a hypothetical war for the brand that built your system or attempt to extract self esteem from another person because they thought or chose the other wise.


Don’t think too hard about the logistics, game harder in the here & now. Accepting propaganda make it’s mark on you shreds away the novelty of being a gamer. Politics & video games do not mix, and politics isn’t a game so do not get caught up in it.

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Next Generation Nonsense

Since the Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Wii U have all finally been revealed to the World we are finding increasing amounts of substance-less garbage being spewed across the internet regarding the industries future as well as upcoming video game consoles. At a time we should all be embraced with pure excitement we seem to have our breathe taken away by people within the business making outlandish opinionated claims in an attempt to turn the next generation into a mountain from a mole hill. Unfortunately I believe the Wii U is a victim in this equation because any attempt to do good gets met with the harshest criticisms with everyones focus directed towards the other two upcoming competing hardware being the new Xbox & Playstation of course.

Think to yourselves if the roles were reversed and it was the Wii u that was about to be out this year instead, them critics would be yapping up the time to share their flawless views with the World about how Nintendo could seal it’s rivals fates. Truth is they back certain products so intently because there’s money involved, all it boils down to. Anyway I digress, one recent comment has stuck me dumb. Infinity Ward are going to release Call of Duty Ghosts out this year has come out with a corking remark that boasts how completely idiotic things are going. Try this quote for size…


“Were trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen”


Apparently not only does Infinity Ward know the full potential in next generation consoles, they are also informed on the standard that the following generation should be displaying. Isn’t it enough that we aren’t aware what holds the upcoming years and now certain cretins are actually looking even further into the unknown future? It’s this complete nonsense that puts me off the new consoles, it doesn’t help that they’re predicting the death of such systems either. Personally my belief is that nobody has the right to predict anything from a current situation stand point. Were being too bogged down with specs, comparisons & stupid remarks to feel any anticipation.


Honestly I have read articles featuring the following topics and they involved these headlines-


X Amount of Reasons why the Xbox One will win the console war!

Why the PS4 has already won!

How the WII will turn the tables on  against Microsoft & Sony




All the interest seems to be about is the drama waiting to unfold, it’s being edged along by game industry personalities that have chosen a side that they must endorse. Claims are coming out left, right & centre that don’t have a hope in hells chance to materialise into anything literal. Infinity Ward in particular has made themselves look stupid and that remark alone takes out any buzz I had for the upcoming Call of Duty release. At the end of the day fans want to choose the system that’s right for them, play the games and be given information that’s relevant. Speculation is fine in doses but at this moment in time lethal amounts are contaminating a positive vibe that should be coursing through our brains in time to Q4 this year.


What do you think? Comment below to give us your views!


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Jim Carrey for Peace


Jim Carrey has come out not endorsing Kick Ass 2 the new movie he stars in based on the violent content in the movie. The internet feedback on various websites have been overwhelming negative for Jim. I would like to congratulate Jim Carrey on his peaceful views. It isn’t always easy to stand for peace. Especially in the world we live in today. His non-endorsement will make more people want to see the movie without a doubt.

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Current Generation to lag the Next?


The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 equally provide realistic power and have broadened by providing a multitude of entertainment. Consoles are no longer a one trick pony as you can access different entertainment services, listen to music, browse the web and watch a massive archive of movies.

Its best put that they both satisfy many impulses to keep you amused by offering diverse functionality. Video game wise were seeing a massive increase with titles being launched through the online marketplaces to occupy players for a very long time.

Do note that massive titles later this year such as “Watch Dogs” are going to be made available, so I must pose the question as to why would we need to go next gen? What we already own holds further longevity that can outshine how the previous generation performed during the last transition.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 units probably will fly off the shelves in the early going; I don’t have a lot of doubt that’ll be the case. I believe Microsoft and Sony are going to suffer great difficulty in drawing customers away from their already competent machines to go out and purchase the newest systems.

Nintendo has possibly made the best choice by releasing the Wii U a year earlier to combat the console war that it doesn’t want to be a part of while in running at full motion. The Wii U is an established product that’s already begun by building Nintendo’s next generation fan base, they also have the advantage through being able to reduce pricing more effectively to captivate peoples attention to keep customers away from the competition.

The jump between the Wii & the Wii U is significant enough to warrant the upgrade however the Wii U still wouldn’t be the most justifiable purchase to make if you already own the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Introducing the next big consoles initially appeals to the players that “must-have” the best out there, that target audience has high demand yet the market has been divided.Leaving out backwards compatibility won’t help motivate sales either as gamers may see a sudden jump to be not worth the money. The smart consumer will bide his time until the current generation interest has bled dry before voyaging onto the next model.


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League Of Legends All Stars Event

The League of Legends All Stars Event is coming. This event is a battle between five teams of top voted players selected by region. The teams are battling for a additional slot in the season 3 world championship, therefore increasing their regions chances for victory. This event will take place on Friday May, 24.

More information on the All Stars competition here

More information on League of Legends here

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