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Space Hulk Ascension Developer Diary

Space Hulk Ascension is going to be a reworking of the board game into a new PC game. It will still be turned based but will have more RPG elements. It will have 10 times the content of the original game and should take 50-100 hours to finish.


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Hearthstone is fun!

There are a lot of games coming out. Some good and others all hype. Well when I find a good game I need to make a post about it even if it’s an older game. Many gamers will already know about hearthstone but I am sure there are a few who never took the time. Well take the time! you will not be disappointed. Did i mention it’s also free? Well it is so you have no excuse!

Hearthstone Official Website

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Dominions 4 Thrones of Ascension

When I jumped onto writing a review of Dominions 4 I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was a turn based strategy with real time battles. I fondly remember playing games like this in the past. Dominions 4 doesn’t disappoint. There are a lot of races to play even underwater races which I have not see in other strategy games. The game is multilayer experience with many choices along the way that add up to the game you end up playing. The Era of the game being one of the big choices as everything changes when you select a different age. There are literally two thousand plus monsters, over seventy nations to play, over eight hundred spells, Three hundred magic items and the list goes on. You even get to create your pretender god and his abilities. It’s a daunting experience. The good news is you don’t have to play the battles. You setup the generals and armies and give them orders before battle and let it go. The battles play out for better or worse and you get to watch them after. It all works out very well.

My take on this game is a good overall experience. Once you figure out what your supposed to be doing on your turns. First you have to setup the game. This will entail you creating your pretender god and selecting the Era you will be playing in. You also setup the myriad of options for the game. Once the game starts you will be presented with a rather bland 2D map. Your turns will be basically moving about this map, recruiting new armies and leaders, fortifying, researching spells and making magic items. This can differ wildly depending on your strategy. If your playing a tyrant your tactics will be completely different then if you were playing a race that wanted a productive economy. Anyway most of your turns are about figuring out what each leader is doing. What his army looks like and what he is going to do this turn. What he is going to do leads you to even more choices. He may want to patrol the territory he is in. Hammer out a magic item (if he can), cast a spell. Fortify (this can take several turns) or move and attack. It’s all pretty straight forward if you have played a turn based strategy before. Combat is different than standard fare for today’s games. You setup your leader with an army. Then you select a formation (some give you a moral bonus or negative based on your leader). Then you select where the army will start on the battlefield relative to the leader. And finally you select their tactics. This will be a preferred enemy type and orders like stay back and attack or attack closest. A good example would be archers. I select stay back and attack with Calvary as their preferred target. Archers traditionally hate Calvary.

I expect by the size and scope of Dominions 4 Thrones of Ascension I have only scratched the surface of this game. There are so many nations and so many creatures I don’t know of any game with this much stuff. I can see this game is easy to get started in and quickly will become a game that is difficult to master. I look forward to playing it more in the future. If your on the fence about Dominions 4 jump in you won’t be disappointed.

I linked in the lets play at the top of this post as it does a great introduction to Dominions 4.

The official Website


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