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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

Good trailer for Avengers 2. It doesn’t give up to much information and you don’t feel like you know the entire movie.


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Need for Speed Movie Trailer

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Prometheus Decoded

Before getting lost in the symbolism lets just ground ourselves in what we know.Sacrifice is key to creating new evolution of life forms or weapons to the engineers . The destruction of the crew in pyramid was two thousand years ago.The implication that we are being punished for killing Christ is not just implied it is stated as fact by the director in this article – Scott also mentions that there will be thirty minutes of extra footage in the dvd. Included will be a deleted scene with shaw and the engineer.The worst part of all this is the wait for the next film. One thing I should mention about the creature effects.H.R. GIGER created the original chrome teeth detailed alien. The absolute over the top perfection of the original creature looks like a life form from another world. These creatures look like smooth puppets. Which brings us to the key of the mystery of the alien weapon/race .There is an emrald stone in the craft with an image above it of a thin creature . This is the same beast that leaps from the engineer in the end of the movie. David the android must help the creation of the life form through a host. The perfect host is an Engineer for the second phase. All things fall into place as shaw leaves for the Engineers home world. David must be part of a secret agenda that runs deep. He knew how to decode thier language too fast ! Remember he opens the first door on the first try. Scott speaks of a sequel – Screenwriter hints at the creators of the Engineers. Creator and executive producer for the television series Lost –

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Minecraft: Diamonds are Forever

Here is another great short from Corridor Digital. It just goes to show anyone can rival a major motion pictures studio these days. Even if you don’t play minecraft you should watch this one.

Corridor Digital on Youtube


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Django Unchained Trailer

This is going to be a good movie. Well I hope so anyway.

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If you are in love with a good story you will agree it needs a backround of information to come to life. This site has resource to build on to know the movie on a deeper level before you watch it. No spoilers, just data building on the raw timeframe of the movie.

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Avengers 2012

A new reason to go to the movies is calling your name. The wait is over my friends the
Avengers are here. My brain half crazed from television repeat soup I went to the theater to
shock myself back to life.It worked !!. For best viewing results see Thor before to
understand the dynamic between Loki and his brother. The seed of the story is Loki
possessing the tesseract. Through a window of timespace he locates the treasure.   — ( Thor
end teaser  )   This sets the wheels in motion
for a portal being opened above New York that sends an army of evil. Thank you Joss Whedon
 for keeping a nice flow to the action during the frantic scenes as chaos spills into the
streets. —-  Afterword on the seed of power that is the engine of the gate. The real science behind dimensional  plane breach and
or time breach is a model within a model of length width depth and time.Every moment is a
tetrafield of steady unbroken timespace.The tesseract is this moment with a ghost of the previous moment. The window into another state of energy and matter
is a tetrafield bridge. The Tesseract cube  is that bridge .Keeping  The unstable relationship 
between states  is the puzzle. Albert Einstein projected passage between states being
possible and it was proven. A window/power source  held between two places  has yet to make it to the
realm of our understanding.


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Snow White and the Huntsman Extended Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer. It had me until the girl started wearing plate mail armor.

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The Avengers 3D

I just got back from the Avengers 3D and all I can say is I was impressed. The 3D was fantastic. I would go as far to say you should see it in 3D, and if you didn’t see it in 3D you didn’t see this movie. Sure there will be complainers that they don’t have the extra three bucks. But hey your all going to die from Fukumisha anyway so dig deep while your still alive right?

Really it’s one of the best movies I have seen in a long while. Go see it in 3D.

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

Another Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is out click to watch it.

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