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New online MMO game in Plarium Browsergames

Gamers who love strategy games will be happy to know that there is a new fun game in the MMO virtual world. The game belongs to Plarium the company that created some of the biggest strategy games out there as Stormfall: Age of war and Sparta: War of Empires. You can  play free online games with and most recent addition Nords: Heroes of the North.

Some of the best gaming talents work together at Plarium in providing the best online games and most fun experiences they can for gamers around the world.

In the Plarium browser-catalogue the majority of the games are strategy player vs player enabled games full of action. The idea was to create games where gamers could combine building and army development options with a compelling story and also let players engage in PvP so that the gaming experience is richer, fun and more challenging.

The result was Total Domination, and it was the first real success story for Plarium, with its blend of fully voiced characters, high quality graphics and compelling gameplay it was an instant success. The styling of these games is still completely innovative and it is a formula that has worked well and it has given millions of players all over the world some brilliant games to play.

The next games have improved exponentially, with better graphics, more intricate cities to develop and more military units to control this is a big attraction to a wide range of players. But there is more to these games that how they look, the sheer amount of things to do is incredible and it is very hard to step away from their games.

The PvP aspect is well developed, with the option to form yourself into a guild, create trading or political alliances or just go for an all-out war. Taking the fight to another player is simple and yet full of depth, deciding on your offensive units to take while not leaving yourself exposed is a fine art that requires skills, ability and strategic thinking.

All of the games released keep being updated all the time. There is no forgotten older title that just runs itself, there are special events, items and content updates which keep gamers interested even after long periods of time. Because of this there is never any real stagnation in a game, and you can get your game energy into an old title or a brand new one and it will feel the same. Whether you are battling other armies in a futuristic setting or sailing the high seas in search of treasures there is always something fun to do and your imagination can run wild.

By taking the latest technology and mixing in simple but engaging ideas they have created some of the worlds’ biggest MMO Strategy Games. It is almost impossible to be a gamer and not know of their MMO online games, and that says a lot.

The latest new game – Nords: Heroes of the north is already on the browser. Nords: heroes of the north takes you into the world of Shingård. A fantasy realm with Elves, Dragons, Nordics and Orcs – who jointly defend their land from the Queen of Ice and her army of undead, who want to condemn the world to an endless winter.

The game Nords: heroes of the north includes strategies MMO game, animation of 3D battles, and a wide range of new features that combine GDR with tactical MMORPG and MMORTS. Nords: heroes of the north is an addictive strategy game with multiple players in real time.


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Harold Launches

Harold has launched on steam. Harold is a side scrolling racing game where you control the track in order to gain an advantage over the other racers. Interesting concept and it’s fun to play.

Harold on Steam

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Grey Goo launches on Steam

There is a new RTS out called Grey Goo! I will have a review after I play it some more. Check out the launch trailer.

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Warhammer 40,000 Turn Based

Warhammer collectors should know a computer version of warhammer has been released. Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon is out. Check out the trailer! I never had the time or money to buy the units, paint them and setup an entire play area. This title may be some fun.

Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon Website

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Space Hulk Ascension Review

Space Hulk Ascension

You may have played the Space Hulk Board game by Games Workshop. If you haven’t you should imagine a floating space ship the size of a city filled with aliens called genestealers. Space marines dressed in space suit armor that worship the emperor travel to these leviathan ships to destroy the genesteelers.

The game is played out in a turn based fashion. There are dice rolls in the background determining the outcome of the battles. In Space Hulk Ascension the focus of the game is computer role playing and character development. This being the case Space Hulk Ascension has no multiplayer at launch and may not get it later. If you want internet multiplayer by Space Hulk not Space Hulk Ascension. You can still play multiplayer on a single computer sharing a mouse. It’s turn based and there is no time limit to make your moves. I find it more enjoyable this way anyway.

Space Hulk Ascension played on normal difficulty  is not an easy game. I have teams die all the time. Once dead a character and his experience is lost to be replaced with a level 1 know nothing. You also have to play on normal difficulty to score any achievements on steam.  A space marine is a bad ass even without leveling his skills. However it stinks to loose any advancement so be very careful on your turns.

Space Hulk Ascension has an incredible feel to it. You can almost feel the dread of launching an experienced team into a new mission you have not played, knowing your going to loose somebody and maybe everyone. The sound and graphics only add to the atmosphere. Shaky shoulder cams with sketchy connections and a sound track that makes you feel like your in a space hulk. I think its a good combination.

The one fault I have found is you can move your space marines by mistake if your not careful. The designers have also removed the undo button in Space Hulk. The genestralers don’t take prisoners either. I have lost entire teams this way. Once one team member goes down it’s not hard to loose more.

Space Hulk Ascension is not an easy game by any means. Playing on normal is required to unlock achievements. I almost never play games on easy, the only exception is for learning a game.

My opinion on Space Hulk Ascension is it’s good enough to recommend a purchase. It’s very atmospheric, turned based, lengthy, and you know it won’t be another cake walk. I have included a lets play by uploaded to youtube by SplatterCatGaming to give you a feel for the game.

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Farcry 4 Released

Far Cry 4 has been released and available at most places you purchased games. I really enjoyed Far Cry 3. The graphics and game play was good. The lack of an editor is a short coming on the series. I suppose as these games get more complex to make the editors become less intuitive.

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Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault

The new Company of Heroes 2 expansion is available! CoH and CoH2 are in my top five games of all time. I will get this expansion someday. Not sure when yet.

Company of Heroes 2

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Company of Heroes 2 observer mode patch


Company of Heroes 2 is getting it’s announced observer mode today at 2PST. It will allow thousands of people to watch e-sports events and up to 500 people to watch live matches. You have the option to set your game to live when setting up the game. You can also set a time delay but I am not sure why. Live mode will also give observers stats and information about the game.

Company of Heroes

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Space Hulk Ascension Developer Diary

Space Hulk Ascension is going to be a reworking of the board game into a new PC game. It will still be turned based but will have more RPG elements. It will have 10 times the content of the original game and should take 50-100 hours to finish.

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Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front trailers

Two trailers for the Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front have been released. I hope to see you on the western front! I play a lot of COH2.

Company of Heroes 2 official website


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