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Space Hulk Ascension Review

Space Hulk Ascension

You may have played the Space Hulk Board game by Games Workshop. If you haven’t you should imagine a floating space ship the size of a city filled with aliens called genestealers. Space marines dressed in space suit armor that worship the emperor travel to these leviathan ships to destroy the genesteelers.

The game is played out in a turn based fashion. There are dice rolls in the background determining the outcome of the battles. In Space Hulk Ascension the focus of the game is computer role playing and character development. This being the case Space Hulk Ascension has no multiplayer at launch and may not get it later. If you want internet multiplayer by Space Hulk not Space Hulk Ascension. You can still play multiplayer on a single computer sharing a mouse. It’s turn based and there is no time limit to make your moves. I find it more enjoyable this way anyway.

Space Hulk Ascension played on normal difficulty  is not an easy game. I have teams die all the time. Once dead a character and his experience is lost to be replaced with a level 1 know nothing. You also have to play on normal difficulty to score any achievements on steam.  A space marine is a bad ass even without leveling his skills. However it stinks to loose any advancement so be very careful on your turns.

Space Hulk Ascension has an incredible feel to it. You can almost feel the dread of launching an experienced team into a new mission you have not played, knowing your going to loose somebody and maybe everyone. The sound and graphics only add to the atmosphere. Shaky shoulder cams with sketchy connections and a sound track that makes you feel like your in a space hulk. I think its a good combination.

The one fault I have found is you can move your space marines by mistake if your not careful. The designers have also removed the undo button in Space Hulk. The genestralers don’t take prisoners either. I have lost entire teams this way. Once one team member goes down it’s not hard to loose more.

Space Hulk Ascension is not an easy game by any means. Playing on normal is required to unlock achievements. I almost never play games on easy, the only exception is for learning a game.

My opinion on Space Hulk Ascension is it’s good enough to recommend a purchase. It’s very atmospheric, turned based, lengthy, and you know it won’t be another cake walk. I have included a lets play by uploaded to youtube by SplatterCatGaming to give you a feel for the game.


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Brink Review

Brink Review by Christian McMahon A.K.A Dr Reaper

Brink Engineer Review by Christian McMahon AKA DrReaper

Brink is a shooter with some twists. First off the class system is in effect. You can play a soldier, medic, engineer and an operative. These are the same classes for both sides of the battle for the ark. The game is set in the future around an ark made of a lot of storage containers. Each side has decided to pick up weapons instead of trading supplies and good will. The battle in sues and all hell breaks loose on the ark. You basically have missions you can choose from when you start the level. On a mouse and keyboard setup you can hold rolling mouse wheel to pick a mission. You will tell your party what you’re planning to do.  Then it’s off to the races to get that done. From time to time you may want to switch your mission. For example you’re the team engineer and you’re on the way to disable a bomb. One of your guys steps on a mine. It won’t go off until he steps off so you can change missions and go disarm the mine first. The game wants you to stay together to achieve mission goals. However life is cheap and in a FPS it’s far cheaper. The maps are really not that large to start with and thus you can respawn and be right back in the action with little muss or fuss. Should I dump my current mission to go and save a guy on a mine when he can just respawn? It’s a call you will have to make as an engineer.

I have mainly been playing Brink as an Engineer so far. I enjoy setting up turrets, building walls, buffing weapon damage on teammates, laying mines. You get to level up and get better equipment and appearance items. It takes some time to get the hang of the game. What works and what doesn’t. I have had the game as of the release date and I only have just started topping the charts.

Weapons can be upgraded by playing challenge missions. These can be played solo or multiplayer. I solo them on easy. However if you want to get the best items in the game, you better get good at these because as they level up they get hard fast. I am going to try to play them multiplayer on the next difficulty because I expect humans are better warriors than the bots they give you to fight with.

Brink is a team based shooter and it plays like one. I think it is an enjoyable game and will continue playing it for some time after I post this review. I am going to continue on with the engineer and see how far I can take it. Brink has some legs in the lifespan department because each class plays different. I expect learning to play each class with all its leveling will take quite some time.

Is Brink the next big shooter? It’s too early to tell. I think the game looks and play’s good and the game is fun. I have been playing on the PC and there is little to no lag in the games I have been playing. We will have to see what comes out to support the game in the next few months.

I do like the way the shooter plays. As you fire the aiming circle gets larger. This shows the possible area where your shots may spread out. It’s a nice heads up you can’t get with a real weapon yet. Also I always like the lean around the corner Q,E .

One additional skill in Brink is the movement option where you can spring around like a guy in a movie. Sometimes it seems like they are defying gravity as they move over and under different obstacles. This is achieved in Brink by holding down a key on the keyboard and moving as normal. While it helps a lot it can also slow you down big time. If you happen to hit a railing on some stairs while attempting to climb them you may be in for a couple of seconds of climbing that rail. It doesn’t seem like much but if you are being shot at it can be a long time. You can also slide under things and into players. This takes some practice but I have seen it make the difference between winning and losing a close encounter with another player.

Team play is essential to win in brink. I have seen teams that stay together wipe the enemy team. I have also seen a good team setup a killing field for enemies. If your team is wiping a lot slow them down if you can and everyone attack together. It can change the tide of the battle. If you can’t get any organization on your side you will have a better chance by following team mates. Two is always better than one and you may get lucky and attract others to your strike force.

As always if you see me in game send out a shout. Dr Reaper.

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Battle Slots RPG Review

Battle Slots RPG Review By Christian McMahon A.K.A Dr Reaper

I was intrigued by the random nature of slots machines when used to solve a combat for an RPG. I have used dice before and any MMO player uses unseen rolls. A Slot machine seemed like a new mechanic. I have come to the conclusion that it work’s and it is fun. First off Battle slots RPG is not a mind boggling game. It’s a simple RPG. You take on quests and move to the location you going to. If you want you can hunt for encounters without doing quests, but before long, you will level up and the easy prey won’t work anymore. The quests are repetitive, like killing a bore warrior or bore mage, but they are fun. You level pretty fast and each time you level new items appear on the slot machine. After seven levels there is a lot happening on the slot machine.

You do get to make some decisions and that adds to the game. For example you load your slot machine with skills, runes, allies and even some slot items you purchase. When rolling you gain Attack and Mana that you use to execute the skills. It all works well, and it is customizable enough you can use more spells by weighting the skills to one side or the other. For example if you want more direct damage weight the slot to attack and take attack skills. You have to do this before leaving town. I have been playing with a balanced magic / attack build. I take three slot items for attack and three spell or mana slot machine items.

You also spend gold in town in a number of ways. You can level your Zoo, purchase new slot machine items, leveling your allies. Leveling your zoo adds new types of creatures you can capture. Once creatures are captured they provide new skills you can select. I have yet to get an ally so I am not sure how they work.

If you like to play slot machines you will like Battle Slots RPG because the payoff is a Role Playing Game. The spell effects are pretty funny and the slot machine even though it is weird compared to a Las Vegas slot machine works well for a RPG. There are many ways to play thanks to the different choices in town. My advice is to check out the demo and see if you like the layout. It takes some time to get used to how the game functions, once you get it, Battle slots RPG is a fun game.

Be sure to check out the website and play the demo.

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