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Elite Dangerous Development Diary

It’s been a while sense I added an Elite Dangerous update. Well the alpha is over and the game is on to beta. The premium beta is starting and then in the second beta I will finally be able to play. Here is the video. If you never played a space game this should be your first. If you like the genre you have to pick this one up IMHO.

Elite Dangerous


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Elite Dangerous Update

Elite Dangerous Dev Diary Issue 8 is out. The game is fleshing out nicely. I am also enjoying the amount of  development news from the team working on the project. I am signed up for the beta and everything that comes after. Saving for an Oculus Rift to play Elite.

The official Website

P.S. The early backers system is closing soon. You may want to get the digital download edition (with all expansions) before December 6th as frontier my not offer it in the future. (They may still offer it I am unsure but I do know the system as it is now will be changing.)

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I have been looking into programing using procedural generation. Most games levels are made and the same all the time. However some games from the past were made using procedural generation or content generated algorithmically rather than manually . Elite Dangerous will be using procedural generation. Anyway I was hunting more information when I ran across Outerra 3D Engine. I have to say these guys are blowing my mind right now with this engine. It’s still alpha but it’s getting better all the time. Check out this fan made trailer…

The Official Website and demo

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Star Citizen Kickstarter

What is it with kickstater these days? Crowd funding seems like the way to go if your building a video game. Here is the creator of Wing Commander on kickstarter pumping his new project Star Citizen. Needless to say I played all the wing command series. This is a worthy project in my opinion. with any luck it will be funded. I am happy to toss out a mention about it.




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Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter

Elite: Dangerous

One of the games that got me playing games is getting the kickstarter treatment. I have to go on the line right now and urge you, forget that, I have to demand you to put some money down. You will not be disappointed by a new elite game. I played it on apple II and on the Amiga 500 and it’s one of the best space games ever made. To this day I have no idea how the programer made such a terrific game in such a small space.  If you extrapolate what was done on the old computers of yesteryear and take what we have today. Elite: dangerous could very well be astounding.

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World of Tanks 7.3 Trailer

7.2 is just out and the trailer for 7.3 is already for the web. World of Tanks is a powerhouse! Anyway I am playing and having a blast.

I have to admit I didn’t know anything about World of Tanks when my friend Wickerman called me. I checked out the website. Installed the free to play MMO. I think World of Tanks is better then a lot of pay to play games. You can pay to play World of Tanks, but the free to play game is fun. I bet they get a lot of subscribers because the game is so fun. Anyway if your looking for a good game to play, try it out you won’t be disappointed.

Advice if you decide to install World of Tanks. You going to start with WWI farm equipment with a gun attached. Slow, no power, no firepower. Just try not to get hit and support other tanks. If your lucky enough to hit the enemy don’t expect to do any damage. Instead your going to be earning exp and credits to buy a better tank. It will take maybe two tanks upgraded and a trained crew before you can make a kill. It will happen. I am three tanks in, out of, I don’t know a hundred? Lets just say a lot of tanks. I have been racking up the tank kills. I even got six in one battle. Now that is some hunting. Each tank plays different. Great free to play game.

The official website

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Microsoft Flight Released – Free to Play

Microsoft Flight has been released. It’s a free to play title and includes a aeroechaches feature that sounds interesting. Is it me or does a free to play flight simulator sound fun? I am going to download it I think you can fly with other players.

The official Website

There are hidden challenges, called Aerocaches, in the game. What was the inspiration behind this feature?
PL: There’s a real-world activity called geocaching, where people look for caches of stuff hidden throughout the world by others, which inspired us to create an aviation-centered version we call “Aerocaching.” We have a rich and beautiful world and Aerocaching is a fun way to reward players for exploring it.

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Microsoft Flight to be Free to Play

It looks like Microsoft’s new “Flight” simulator is going to be a Free to Play title. I am sure it’s going to have an in simulator store as most free to play titles do. Good news for people like me that just want to play and don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around.

The official Website

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Take on Helicopters Demo Released

Got a hankering to fly a helicopter? I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot when I was a kid. Then I found out what school cost and how hard it was to get a job. Anyway you can still fly the on the PC.

Get the demo here

The official Website

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Take On Helicopters is available

Take on helicopters is available for digital download in English. The multi language version Spanish, French, Italian, German and Czech is expected in a month.

Here is the launch trailer

The official website

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