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New online MMO game in Plarium Browsergames

Gamers who love strategy games will be happy to know that there is a new fun game in the MMO virtual world. The game belongs to Plarium the company that created some of the biggest strategy games out there as Stormfall: Age of war and Sparta: War of Empires. You can  play free online games with and most recent addition Nords: Heroes of the North.

Some of the best gaming talents work together at Plarium in providing the best online games and most fun experiences they can for gamers around the world.

In the Plarium browser-catalogue the majority of the games are strategy player vs player enabled games full of action. The idea was to create games where gamers could combine building and army development options with a compelling story and also let players engage in PvP so that the gaming experience is richer, fun and more challenging.

The result was Total Domination, and it was the first real success story for Plarium, with its blend of fully voiced characters, high quality graphics and compelling gameplay it was an instant success. The styling of these games is still completely innovative and it is a formula that has worked well and it has given millions of players all over the world some brilliant games to play.

The next games have improved exponentially, with better graphics, more intricate cities to develop and more military units to control this is a big attraction to a wide range of players. But there is more to these games that how they look, the sheer amount of things to do is incredible and it is very hard to step away from their games.

The PvP aspect is well developed, with the option to form yourself into a guild, create trading or political alliances or just go for an all-out war. Taking the fight to another player is simple and yet full of depth, deciding on your offensive units to take while not leaving yourself exposed is a fine art that requires skills, ability and strategic thinking.

All of the games released keep being updated all the time. There is no forgotten older title that just runs itself, there are special events, items and content updates which keep gamers interested even after long periods of time. Because of this there is never any real stagnation in a game, and you can get your game energy into an old title or a brand new one and it will feel the same. Whether you are battling other armies in a futuristic setting or sailing the high seas in search of treasures there is always something fun to do and your imagination can run wild.

By taking the latest technology and mixing in simple but engaging ideas they have created some of the worlds’ biggest MMO Strategy Games. It is almost impossible to be a gamer and not know of their MMO online games, and that says a lot.

The latest new game – Nords: Heroes of the north is already on the browser. Nords: heroes of the north takes you into the world of Shingård. A fantasy realm with Elves, Dragons, Nordics and Orcs – who jointly defend their land from the Queen of Ice and her army of undead, who want to condemn the world to an endless winter.

The game Nords: heroes of the north includes strategies MMO game, animation of 3D battles, and a wide range of new features that combine GDR with tactical MMORPG and MMORTS. Nords: heroes of the north is an addictive strategy game with multiple players in real time.


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Warhammer 40,000 Turn Based

Warhammer collectors should know a computer version of warhammer has been released. Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon is out. Check out the trailer! I never had the time or money to buy the units, paint them and setup an entire play area. This title may be some fun.

Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon Website

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Hearthstone is fun!

There are a lot of games coming out. Some good and others all hype. Well when I find a good game I need to make a post about it even if it’s an older game. Many gamers will already know about hearthstone but I am sure there are a few who never took the time. Well take the time! you will not be disappointed. Did i mention it’s also free? Well it is so you have no excuse!

Hearthstone Official Website

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

I am hooked on Kingdom Rush again this time its the Frontiers version. You have to like games that are fun.


Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Dominions 4 Thrones of Ascension

When I jumped onto writing a review of Dominions 4 I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was a turn based strategy with real time battles. I fondly remember playing games like this in the past. Dominions 4 doesn’t disappoint. There are a lot of races to play even underwater races which I have not see in other strategy games. The game is multilayer experience with many choices along the way that add up to the game you end up playing. The Era of the game being one of the big choices as everything changes when you select a different age. There are literally two thousand plus monsters, over seventy nations to play, over eight hundred spells, Three hundred magic items and the list goes on. You even get to create your pretender god and his abilities. It’s a daunting experience. The good news is you don’t have to play the battles. You setup the generals and armies and give them orders before battle and let it go. The battles play out for better or worse and you get to watch them after. It all works out very well.

My take on this game is a good overall experience. Once you figure out what your supposed to be doing on your turns. First you have to setup the game. This will entail you creating your pretender god and selecting the Era you will be playing in. You also setup the myriad of options for the game. Once the game starts you will be presented with a rather bland 2D map. Your turns will be basically moving about this map, recruiting new armies and leaders, fortifying, researching spells and making magic items. This can differ wildly depending on your strategy. If your playing a tyrant your tactics will be completely different then if you were playing a race that wanted a productive economy. Anyway most of your turns are about figuring out what each leader is doing. What his army looks like and what he is going to do this turn. What he is going to do leads you to even more choices. He may want to patrol the territory he is in. Hammer out a magic item (if he can), cast a spell. Fortify (this can take several turns) or move and attack. It’s all pretty straight forward if you have played a turn based strategy before. Combat is different than standard fare for today’s games. You setup your leader with an army. Then you select a formation (some give you a moral bonus or negative based on your leader). Then you select where the army will start on the battlefield relative to the leader. And finally you select their tactics. This will be a preferred enemy type and orders like stay back and attack or attack closest. A good example would be archers. I select stay back and attack with Calvary as their preferred target. Archers traditionally hate Calvary.

I expect by the size and scope of Dominions 4 Thrones of Ascension I have only scratched the surface of this game. There are so many nations and so many creatures I don’t know of any game with this much stuff. I can see this game is easy to get started in and quickly will become a game that is difficult to master. I look forward to playing it more in the future. If your on the fence about Dominions 4 jump in you won’t be disappointed.

I linked in the lets play at the top of this post as it does a great introduction to Dominions 4.

The official Website


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The Battle of the Nile Rome Total War II

Rome Total War II is almost here and the game play videos are looking quite remarkable. Check out The Battle of the Nile.

Here is a link to The Official Website

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Stardrive Review


A review by Christian McMahon aka DrReaper

4x strategy has been around for a long time. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Stardrive seems to be a combat focused 4x. I would highly recommend you be into micromanagement games if your going to attempt Stardrive. Gamers that want action all the time might not get it. It can take a long game trying to exterminate the enemy even after you have broken their ability to fight.

I enjoy playing Stardrive. I don’t get much time off these days as there is always something to do. The last weekends I have ended up playing Stardrive and it’s been enjoyable. The game is very much a work in progress, if your not into bugs of any kind you may want to wait. I have a bug where the game won’t launch from the icon on the desktop at all. However if I launch it from the steam menu it works every time. You have to hand it to the programmers because they are patching issues as they can. The success of Stardrive will completely depend on how long they support the game. Even though there are bugs present it is still very playable on my computer.

OK for the people that never played a 4x before you start with a planet, a scout ship, and a prototype ship, and a colonyship . I have only played the humans so far. I am unsure of the other races (other than the fact they can become pretty nasty). You go out into the universe searching for planets to add to your empire. You are also researching a tech tree that encompasses many aspects of your empire. As you gain more tech you will become involved in building spaceships. One of the better parts of the game is building your spaceships, this includes adding systems and general layout, you can spend as much time as you want. I have spent hours making new ships. You manufacture the spaceships and either defend your planets, or war with the computer AI races. I have found that by micromanagement of my planets directly is best. The AI governors you can appoint will break your bank. Managing your planets directly you don’t trouble with overproducing buildings which get expensive as the game plays out. You can pause the game at anytime with the space bar.

Your supposed to be able to control your flagship in combat. I was able to take it over but I need more practice at controlling it.

Stardrive can be modded and should have some interesting mods in the future. Think any grand space opera and you have a good idea of what could be coming.

Good space combat
Interesting AI races (I especially like the animal races)
The developer is still actively working on the game (patches are being release rather quickly)

Bugs still in release version
Your ships ignore orders sometimes (this drives me crazy. I order them to orbit a planet and they go back into the battle. Now that I think about it, this happens a lot on TV shows. It still drives me crazy)


When learning the game reduce the number of enemy races.

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StarDrive Ship Design Tutorial

I am playing a new game called Stardrive. It’s available now on steam if your interested. Anyway it’s a complex game and needless to say it will take me awhile to get a hold on it. I will be sharing useful information about Stardrive as I find it the internet. The first thing I need to know is how to make a star ship. I found this tutorial on youtube and the poster HarkAMoose did a fine job.

The official Stardrive website

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Game of the year 2012 – Kingdom Rush


Kingdom Rush

I am not going to pretend I played ever game that came out in 2012. I didn’t by a long shot. I have had a lot less free time lately. It might be because of Rat Race 3.0 Real Life Edition.  Anyway I did play one game start to finish, my kids were making fun of me, the game hooked me and wouldn’t let go. It’s not the biggest production, doesn’t have modern graphics, it’s simplistic in its game play. However it does meet the requirements of games I like to play.

1. It’s based on Kings and Kingdoms. (I don’t know why I like them but I have from birth.)

2. It easy to play but hard to win ( I like games that make me think. Massing buttons without thinking becomes tiring in seconds to minutes)

3. Replay ability – While I don’t see me starting the game over. It was fun replaying each map to get three stars each time.

I also want to point out the game is free. Yep absolutely free. You can pay for it and you get some great stuff for it. But as I said before I am playing Rat Race 3.0 Real Life Edition. So buying games is a thing of the past.

Anyway if you want to play the game I was hooked like a fish on. This is it. I can’t wait for an expansion and be sure to vote to add it to steam.

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X-Com preorder on Steam

Pre Order X-Com Enemy Unknown on steam now to unlock special items in game.

If enough people pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown , they will unlock 3 exclusive XCOM-themed items in Team Fortress 2. If even more people pre-order, they will unlock a free copy of Firaxis’s other big title, Civilization V.

Steam Website

The official Website



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