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Eyefinity Guide DocWaSaBe shares his experience

I have been looking into the new techs from Nvidia (nvidia surround) and ATI (eyefinity) enabling gamers to run three monitors. It looks like something I would enjoy a lot. DocWaSaBe ( name) has uploaded his guide to the Eyefinity technology. He has a setup so he should know. Check it out if your interested in this suff.

ATI eyefinity Link

Nvidia Surround Link



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Battlefield 3-themed case mod

Brian Carter has made a Battlefield 3 themed computer case. Check it out.

Brian’s Blog Link

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Intel announces 22NM 3-D Tri-Gate Transistors

Intel has it’s 22NM tri-gate transistors ready to roll. Longer battery life, faster speeds, and smaller computers.

You can’t get a hold of these yet. They are the next generation.

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OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Solid State Drive

I am a hardware fan. I like to have a competitive system on a budget. Now that my budget is shrinking do to a slow down at work I have to wait much longer to get anything. However it’s still good to know what you want to get when you do have some dough for an upgrade.

Introducing the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Solid State Drive


This drive set the overclocking world record. Here is a link to the winning computer. Using a fast computer this drive can copy an average blue ray disk in 7 seconds. (25GB of data)  (3.6GBs)

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Nvidia GTX 590 is available

I see my next video card has released. I really like the three monitor support. I don’t care too much for the 3D but having three monitors is going to be great for some of my simulators. I expect i will pick one up when they go on sale a couple of years from now.

Here is the Official Website

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – “Three Ways to Play”

Here is a video showing the level design in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not too exciting unless your a level designer I am afraid. My friend was in love with Deus Ex the original so here is the video.

Here is the official website.

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