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Gotham City Imposters Trailer

A new Gotham City Imposters Trailer is out showing some of the customization in the game. Yes it’s the bats versus the jokers.

Check out the website here.


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Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team

The Xbox and PS3 are getting some console goodness! Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team are going to be a downloadable game on the networks. I happen to have enough Xbox live points to get this as soon as it comes out. So in July I should be blasting some Orks!

Here is the trailer

No official website yet.

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Section 8: Prejudice Behind the Scenes

The section 8: Prejudice release schedule has been updated. We will see it on Xbox Live arcade April 20th followed by PC vendors like Steam and Windows Marketplace on May 4th. It will also make it to PS3 this summer.

Official Website

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Swarmite Sensitivity Training

New video in for Swarm the game.

Swarm gives players control of 50 utterly fearless Swarmites and drives them through an intense and often suicidal battle of survival. Swarm is the first game to feature mass character control, where players
move all the Swarmites at once. Steer the flock of pudgy, clueless little blue morons through the game and they naturally flock and flow around obstacles. Creatively combine swarm moves to work your way
through a relentlessly dangerous and hilariously brutal environment. Compete against friends to get the high score by deftly moving through the world and cleverly solving puzzles the game throws your way.

Loki any resemblance by the swarmite to to someone we may both know is purely coincidental.

Here is a link to Swarm the game

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