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America’s Army 3.1 Released

The update has added new maps and features…

Every Soldier a Sensor – The ES2 is designed to turn every soldier into a sensor. Send info back to HQ and you may get a bonus for a round. You might get an immediate bonus like ammo, explosives or IFAKS. Building an intel picture through observation constructs a clearer picture of the battlefield.

New maps Shanty Town and Stronghold

Achievement coins – Achievement coins are available based on how much intel you send back using the ES2.

Blue Force Tracker – The BFT which provides forces with location information has been enhanced. Players may now change the zoom of the BFT or alter the transparency of the extended map using the mouse wheel. A spectator extended map has also been added.

Steam Leaderboards – Steam leaderboard and stats updates will now be available when running the game through Steam

Admin Control Panel – An Admin Control Panel has been added to allow server providers to manage servers in-game. If the user has the appropriate server access, it will appear in the main menu.

Performance – Updates also include a number of gameplay weapons and map performance improvements.

Grab Americas Army on Steam or at Americas army and yes it’s free to play!


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SimBin GT Power Pack Trailer

Simbin studios has released a trailer for their GT Power Pack. Here it is…

Head over to Steam and get the GT power Pack or check out the website. They have free racing games there also…

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Section 8: Prejudice Behind the Scenes

The section 8: Prejudice release schedule has been updated. We will see it on Xbox Live arcade April 20th followed by PC vendors like Steam and Windows Marketplace on May 4th. It will also make it to PS3 this summer.

Official Website

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