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Why the Wii U needs the competition

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U has seen a highely questionable year since it’s launch back in November 2012, the first next generation console currently available on the market is a hot topic for debate alongside the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One systems. Not only are Nintendo awaiting Sony & Microsoft to unleash their consoles there’s additional competition on the horizon that are looking to take a substantial slice of the constantly expanding market.


Fans are very familiar with the success that Nintendo’s garnered through using an impeccable formula with their immensely popular handheld DS devices. Gamers that already own the Wii U are chomping at the bit to see the console open up at a whole new level, at present day the gears are turning very slowly and most titles to be excited about are scheduled for a 2014 release date.


We’ve seen the news that’s gotten flaunted across the internet that Nintendo have cut prices, certain retailers are limiting hardware stock and prioritising other products because they are simply selling better. It was always going to be a challenge for the Wii U to directly compete against the current generation systems especially bringing a limited software arsenal to the debut year. Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 boast vast game libraries that make them a smarter investment overall.


Respectfully the next statement is easier said that done; I do firmly believe that Nintendo needs a more aggressive strategy towards promoting the Wii U system. Having software few and far between won’t engage the audience for too long, what’s even worse is that often the software get’s released at the highest price on offer. In the United Kingdom the majority of new titles are significantly inflated and maintain a less approachable price tag.


I am sure there are Wii U owners that are willing to loyally back the system till the end however that alone won’t keep the consoles head above water with the times ahead. Readers may find the above full of doom & gloom however Nintendo has a unique selling point that will elevate in interest when the Xbox One & Playstation 4 finally arrive.


For the most part we are no longer a one console culture, technology is in abudance and owning a single gadget would be a rarity to find in a person who has the resources. There’s a popular saying that any publicity is good publicity and that’s exactly how the Wii U will attract greater attention. From the starting gate the Wii U stands as the cheapest option as a next generation system on the market, it’s a choice many individuals are going to ponder over.


Upcoming games ames such as Watch Dogs that would be cheaper to acquire on the Wii U than the other two systems, certain consumers prefer the financially satisfying route yet purchasing the Wii U would need to be considered as a future investment. It may or may not pay off depending on your personal interests and preferences. That theory alone demonstrates a strong possible outcome that will naturally sway some money towards Nintendo. It’s a no brainer that Microsoft & Sony are going to reap the most rewards and accomplish way more.


When 2014 finally arrives Nintendo must once again naturally slot into the video game landscape as the innovative and alternative entity. That key selling point I mentioned above has to be Nintendo’s indentity that will become highlighted the further players get involved in the competition. Before you think too much on making sense of that statement please allow me to explain.


The Wii U has many exclusive franchises at their disposal, they’ve got their personal style that illuminates them amongst every other hardware developer. Historically the Playstation & Xbox systems have closely matched on games mainly due to the software demanding higher specifications to operate and turns into a war of power than appeal to their individual audiences.


Xbox One & PS4 are going to run the same loops as before, they’ll present multi platform games that make them both look similar. In essense this educates the consumer that regardless of choice your going to practically get the same thing from either product with few exceptions. As players relish in the power house consoles those Wii U advertisements are going to get gradually more appealing. Any consumer looking to purchase a second console won’t want to get something expensive that offers the same kind of experience, the need for something different will greatly influence that decision.


If you think Wii U exclusives you’ll likely imagine colourful, family friendly and dynamic experiences. Nintendo’s overall presentation is very different and worked on the original Wii console. To win the next generation war Nintendo does not possess the technology to attain first place, it’s greatest technique at their disposal is to tempt customers that initially go to the competition. A portion of players are going to feel the Xbox One’s or Playstations 4’s novelty run dry and need an alternative system to escape. At that very moment the Wii U is going to be on offer cheaper than it is now!


In short Nintendo needs it’s rivals to battle it out, tire the consumers and capitalize to improve unit sales.

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Wii U – to be or not to be?

The Nintendo WII U console launched last November with seemingly a full head of stuff, with a competent launch title list and innovative gamepad screen everything meshed when introducing the next generation console.


Due to sales not meeting Nintendo’s expectations we’ve noticed the decline in the systems momentum. At a time where the WII U should be pushed there doesn’t appear to be any forward planning. With the new consoles being released by Microsoft & Sony, surely the market is very much open to capitalize on the months leading to their releases.


The way the WII U is being sold pretty much says that it’s “just another video game machine”, nothing validates that it’s next generation here today! The next Xbox has rumours that are sketchy to say the least which are proving to be a concern with potential consumers. Sony boasts positive news with the PS4 that arguably place their machine into the best predicament this fall.


Recently the gaming community discovered that the WII U has decided not to attend the E3 conference in favour of releasing it’s own news through videos leading up to E3 and through events hosted by Nintendo. That has been stated to be a smart move; I on the other hand completely disagree

Wii U Controller

Wii U Controller (Photo credit: ze_bear)


The here & now is where Nintendo has to stir the most excitement with gamers, pulling away from E3 can be classed as experimental but extremely counter productive in my eyes. Not only will they need news that warrant viral attention, you would need to develop a campaign to ensure the messages are sent clear to players across the globe.


Don’t get me wrong pulling away from E3 could prove beneficial, on the other hand this year Nintendo can’t really afford to gamble. I personally own a WII U, this console I’ll regard as very entertaining. My biggest criticism unfortunately surrounds the fact there doesn’t feel like there’s any follow up.


Sure there are games that reflect the WII U’s potential; the majority of them however are launch titles. There are major future releases scheduled next year, nothing is clear in 2013. As a consumer I want to be informed that investing in this product was rightfully justified, I can’t help shake the impression that even Nintendo are holding the same mentality in waiting to see what Microsoft and Sony unveil.


Where I’m coming from? Nintendo shouldn’t rest on it’s laurels, the original Wii system sold like hot cakes because the way it was marketed. The original Wii actually opened up the game industry more thanks to the family friendly image.


There are families that want consoles suitable for all to enjoy and healthy, the Wii fell into each household very comfortably. An opportunity to make money came about and Nintendo seized it! The new Wii is here and can anybody offer a clear answer as to what’s going on?


Perhaps I am reading too much into this, would you agree that things are awfully quiet? A stir will emanate from the public witnessing the new Xbox & Playstation 4 hardware being demonstrated. In the background the Wii U can either watch in a position of strength or weakness. Which will it be?



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Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris Star in EA’s Need for Speed The Run

Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Sean Faris (Vampire Diaries) will star in the upcoming action racing game Need for Speed The Run. The video game will feature the actors as lead characters in an intense race-for-your-life story taking players on a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York. Powered by Frostbite 2, Black Box Studio makes its return and takes the action racing genre to new heights with stunning visuals and car physics that hug the road at insanely fast speeds. Need for Speed The Run will be available November 15, 2011 in North America and November 17, 2011 in Europe

The Official Website


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Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

Lego Harry Potter is back with years 5-7 Check out the new video trailer.

The official website is locate here.

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Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension Gelatin World

The Gelatin World trailer is out for Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension check it out.

The official website is here.

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Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension Evil News Update

Agent T has been introduced and will be in Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension. This is the evil news update.

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Redken Busy Scissors breaks 100,000 units

I am not sure what the breakdown is, males versus females, playing Busy Scissors. I expect it must be 90% female at least. Anyway the title you never thought would be made has broken 100,000 units. I guess much like the internet itself the next big game isn’t so easy to stereotype. Yes there are a lot of female gamers out there.

Here is a link to the website

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NASCAR The Game 2011 Bristol Motor Speedway

NASCAR The Game 2011Bristol Motor Speedway

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