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I have to say there are few games I am looking forward to playing anytime soon. The only one I seem interested in is Grand Theft Auto 5. I hate the fact I have to play on Xbox 360 because I don’t have Xbox live and thus no multiplayer. What happened to PC Rockstar? I expect it will still be a great single player game and a ton of fun. I like they have three characters you can switch between now. The map is set to break records in size for any GTA game. Five times bigger than Red Dead Redemption’s map and that was big. Anyway what games are you waiting to play? I was waiting on Sim City but that was a big disappointment for a lot of people so I avoided it.


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State of Decay – Xbox Review

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State of Decay launched on Xbox 360 Arcade & for Windows, this downloadable single player game is available at a sum of 1600 Microsoft Points. Yes this is another zombie based title that’s swirling around the video game market, after journeying into the open World with cautious optimism I have come to absolutely adore what State of Decay is all about. After viewing the trailer my heart filled with dubious expectations, I am happy to report this release sinks its terrifying claws right into you and serves as an exceptional product to add into any survival horror fans collection!

You can expect a fuse of different gaming elements to concoct a well rounded survival experience that doesn’t appear to have any genuine rival. Initially you’ll take the role of Marcus who has returned to civilization from a hunting trip with his friend, and then the game opens up a leisurely path to gradually teach you crucial aspects in State of Decay that are detrimental to surviving the peril that lurks in the open World ahead.


Typically as a zombie title there are guns to fire, melee weapons to hurl around and opportunities to scavenge for supplies. Untypically these are executed differently, with more gravity to the surrounding environment and interconnect to other factors that will be playing on your mind because they demand constant consideration.

As an example to that statement many any of us are familiar that gun fire attracts zombies that we’ve learned already. State of Decay pushes that step further by offering you an option to search supplies quickly that can also cause a racket and alert a horde directly to your vicinity. Searching hastily sometimes is a choice that needs to be done as an enemy may already be approaching. The trick is prioritisation; every action such as this can tip the balance of how you control a situation completely on its side.

Be warned your character not only has a health bar but also a stamina meter one to boot. Zombies are portrayed with terrifying precision as they can chase you relentlessly and outnumber your options to leave deadly situations in one piece. Fighting & escaping drains energy that can spell your demise if not utilised wisely, defending yourself often means finding a method that provides a quick escape and preserves resources.


Guns jam due to inexperience, melee weapons break as they deteriorate, vehicles do not respawn when they are damaged beyond repair, and the supplies you desperately require seem scarce. That part alone doesn’t begin to emphasise the strategic thoughts which State of Decay beckons, the use of party members & the formation of communities brings a fresh dynamic to the genre.

I stated above that you originally start the game as Marcus, the further you move the more opportunities you’re given to switch character on both a temporary & permanent basis. Switching from your main character gives them a chance to gain some much needed rest whilst developing another member to reinforce your social circle. Each character posseses their own traits and can all be developed through a balanced levelling system that flows naturally.

Communities are literally a group held up at a fenced location that’s referred to as home. Like a home you need to supply & protect it. Other characters around you show a Sim style morality function that fluctuates depending on their mood. If food, medicine, ammunition or other stockpiles are short, it negatively effects how people are feeling back at your base. You’re given various tools to help manage a community & expand it by building additional areas including a combat training feature, sleeping bunker, a medical area etc. This does mean constantly needing to source equipment however that is a cause of exploration rather than a tedious task.

Speaking of exploration, you can discover different locations to move your home, setup outposts, meet survivors garrisoning buildings and interact with scavengers. The map itself appears relatively proportionate, since I have been practically surveying the environment the game feels increasingly larger than first perceived. There’s an overwhelming amount of places to investigate, the power to dictate the player’s destiny & the communities does fuel the desire to keep playing.


“A truly unique roleplaying game at heart!”

Presentation wise State of Decay looks good and sounds good. Unfortunately a couple issues are present that are a frame rate jitter as well as textures that pop up on screen with a delayed reaction. These are forgivable flaws that will probably be patched up with an update soon.  Controls swiftly become comfortable as they use a common template. LT to aim + RT to fire, a simplistic and second nature scheme.

Undead Labs who developed State of Decay are using this title as a platform for their first MMO Zombie project (codenamed Class 4) that’s intended for major console release. I had hoped this would have included an online coop mode to give players a taste of what Undead Labs has planned in the future with Class 4.

Closing comments

State of Decay doesn’t churn your emotions like the Telltale Walking Dead series but definitely excels with its immersive gameplay and dynamic mechanics that breaks the mould. It puts some major game releases to shame as State of Decay keeps you wanting to jump back to the adrenaline inducing life & death fight for survival.

Despite its defects which don’t honestly harm the games enjoyment, State of Decay glimmers with promise and deserves top praise for the ambition Undead Labs have demonstrated.

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Current Generation to lag the Next?


The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 equally provide realistic power and have broadened by providing a multitude of entertainment. Consoles are no longer a one trick pony as you can access different entertainment services, listen to music, browse the web and watch a massive archive of movies.

Its best put that they both satisfy many impulses to keep you amused by offering diverse functionality. Video game wise were seeing a massive increase with titles being launched through the online marketplaces to occupy players for a very long time.

Do note that massive titles later this year such as “Watch Dogs” are going to be made available, so I must pose the question as to why would we need to go next gen? What we already own holds further longevity that can outshine how the previous generation performed during the last transition.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 units probably will fly off the shelves in the early going; I don’t have a lot of doubt that’ll be the case. I believe Microsoft and Sony are going to suffer great difficulty in drawing customers away from their already competent machines to go out and purchase the newest systems.

Nintendo has possibly made the best choice by releasing the Wii U a year earlier to combat the console war that it doesn’t want to be a part of while in running at full motion. The Wii U is an established product that’s already begun by building Nintendo’s next generation fan base, they also have the advantage through being able to reduce pricing more effectively to captivate peoples attention to keep customers away from the competition.

The jump between the Wii & the Wii U is significant enough to warrant the upgrade however the Wii U still wouldn’t be the most justifiable purchase to make if you already own the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Introducing the next big consoles initially appeals to the players that “must-have” the best out there, that target audience has high demand yet the market has been divided.Leaving out backwards compatibility won’t help motivate sales either as gamers may see a sudden jump to be not worth the money. The smart consumer will bide his time until the current generation interest has bled dry before voyaging onto the next model.


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The next generation Xbox console was unveiled mere hours ago alongside the new and improved Kinect sensor. Xbox One is the official name to the upcoming system that is set to launch this November within close proximity of the Playstation 4 release. Xbox One is described as an all in one package that merges video games, music, movies, television and pretty much a broader update to what the Xbox 360 currently provides.

“Microsoft is very strong in business software and the enterprise cloud business, but its consumer businesses are facing tremendous challenges: PCs are declining rapidly and Windows Phone handsets have only a fraction of the market shares of rivals,” said Jia Wu from consultants Strategy Analytics. With that statement it’s no surprise that the Xbox One is Microsofts core strategy to improving it’s position in the entertainment market. The console itself is designed with diverse usage in mind, these days gadgets are constantly able to undertake more tasks than ever before. Microsoft has prepared Xbox One not only to deliver the moment the machine is released but also pack it full with future potential to grow in order to adequately adapt to the altering landscape that’s known as the entertainment industry.


Whats new with Xbox One?

-Blu Ray drive

-Skype functionality

-Improved Kinect camera that’s allegedly capable of monitoring a players heart rate with 1080p HD resolution

-New tools to record, edit and share gameplay

-Xbox One can calculate four times faster per second than it’s predecessor

-Xbox One has 10 times more animation depth and detail than it’s predecessor according to sources

Those are the highlighted improvements, Microsoft has mentioned an ambitious strategy to make a massive impact once Xbox One is out the gate that actually applies a lot of pressure to numerous developers that have suffered a difficult time financially recently due to layoffs. This isn’t all doom and gloom. What’s for certain? The Xbox One is stirring plenty excitement and has been remarked as being a key element to rejuvenate the video game industry.

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X-Com preorder on Steam

Pre Order X-Com Enemy Unknown on steam now to unlock special items in game.

If enough people pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown , they will unlock 3 exclusive XCOM-themed items in Team Fortress 2. If even more people pre-order, they will unlock a free copy of Firaxis’s other big title, Civilization V.

Steam Website

The official Website



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Skyrim Dawnguard Announced

The first expansion for Skyrim has been announced. Here is the trailer…

The official Website


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Modern Warfare 3 Issues unresolved?

I am writing this post for the Modern Warfare community. A user has brought up the topic so I will move his post to this thread. Apparently there are bugs or issues that have been unresolved six months after release. I have not played Modern Warfare 3 so I am unsure if these claims have any merit.

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Ultimate ninja storm Storm Generations Demo now available.

The single player demo for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is now available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Demo will allow you to play as Naruto against Sasuke, Pain, and Madara. And will show exclusive anime before each battle.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is set to launch March 13th 2012.

To download for xbox go here.

For the official site go here.

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Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer

Ok some goodness from EA. The official Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer is released. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2.

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Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop Preview

Here is a video of the new Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop in action. Using steam you will be able to install MOD’s and keep them up to date with the click of a button.

The Official Webpage


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