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The next generation Xbox console was unveiled mere hours ago alongside the new and improved Kinect sensor. Xbox One is the official name to the upcoming system that is set to launch this November within close proximity of the Playstation 4 release. Xbox One is described as an all in one package that merges video games, music, movies, television and pretty much a broader update to what the Xbox 360 currently provides.

“Microsoft is very strong in business software and the enterprise cloud business, but its consumer businesses are facing tremendous challenges: PCs are declining rapidly and Windows Phone handsets have only a fraction of the market shares of rivals,” said Jia Wu from consultants Strategy Analytics. With that statement it’s no surprise that the Xbox One is Microsofts core strategy to improving it’s position in the entertainment market. The console itself is designed with diverse usage in mind, these days gadgets are constantly able to undertake more tasks than ever before. Microsoft has prepared Xbox One not only to deliver the moment the machine is released but also pack it full with future potential to grow in order to adequately adapt to the altering landscape that’s known as the entertainment industry.


Whats new with Xbox One?

-Blu Ray drive

-Skype functionality

-Improved Kinect camera that’s allegedly capable of monitoring a players heart rate with 1080p HD resolution

-New tools to record, edit and share gameplay

-Xbox One can calculate four times faster per second than it’s predecessor

-Xbox One has 10 times more animation depth and detail than it’s predecessor according to sources

Those are the highlighted improvements, Microsoft has mentioned an ambitious strategy to make a massive impact once Xbox One is out the gate that actually applies a lot of pressure to numerous developers that have suffered a difficult time financially recently due to layoffs. This isn’t all doom and gloom. What’s for certain? The Xbox One is stirring plenty excitement and has been remarked as being a key element to rejuvenate the video game industry.

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IllumiRoom Concept

Every once in a while a new gizmo is invented for gaming that is pretty neat. IllumiRoom is one of these gizmos that has me interested. Sure the details are not out but the concept is interesting. Check out the tech video and see what you think.


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