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Hitman E3 2015

I have to say there is no way on earth this game can live up to this trailer. This trailer makes me want to preorder this game! I don’t even like Hitman games that much.


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Rise of the Tomb Raider

I picked up the last Tomb Raider game on a steam sale. I have to say I like the new reboot a lot. While it was easy it was immensely fun. I am looking forward to this release.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Large open worlds make fun games. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands has a chance to be that shooter game.

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XCom 2 Gameplay E3

There are only a handful of games I am interested in. XCom2 is one of them. Here is a game play video from E3 2015

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Could Video Games Conquer Las Vegas?

There has been a lot written about how Las Vegas casinos make their money, and a lot of the focus is on atmospheric gimmicks designed to make customers feel comfortable. Business Insider wrote about nine such gimmicks in a pretty fascinating article that helps you to realize just how thoroughly casinos seek to manipulate our attention (not that we mind). But the simpler truth about how casinos make money is that the odds favor the house.

This is less true with some games than others. But it’s perhaps truest of all at the slot machines, where most Vegas casinos make a significant portion of their profits (despite all the attention paid to card tables and glamorous poker tournaments). Indeed, slot machines are true games of chance, unabashedly favoring the house. And yet, they’re among the most consistently offered and frequently played games in town.

Browsing through gaming options at various popular Las Vegas casinos listed here, this becomes clearer than you may have realized. The Tropicana, Riviera, and Venetian are noted for having over 800, over 900, and over 1,000 slot machine options, respectively; the Mirage is listed as boasting a variety ranging from $0.01 spins to $1,000 spins; and part of the Stratosphere’s described appeal is the casino’s regular updates of the latest in slot gaming. The bottom line is, each casino in Vegas has a unique appeal and gaming selection. However, almost all of them contain dynamic, plentiful slot machine options, because this is Vegas’ bread and butter.

All this is to say, it would be a pretty significant problem for Vegas if a generation of tourists lost interest in slot machines, and unfortunately for the casinos, this is a potential reality they’re already attempting to combat. Millennials have grown up on larger-than-life entertainment and competitive gaming. They’ve watched poker tournaments on television and in James Bond films; they’ve learned blackjack at the movies; and perhaps most importantly, just about every new video game they’ve played in the past decade renders options like a traditional slot machine rather boring.

So how can Las Vegas solve this problem to ensure that a generation of would-be slot players isn’t lost to the poker and blackjack tables, where the house still wins, but with weaker odds?

Interestingly enough, according to a Washington Post article from earlier this year, the casinos may just look to play right into the hands of millennials—by turning slot machines into video games. Says the article, “to hook young visitors back onto pulling the lever, the kings of the Strip are betting on a new strategy: making gambling look like a video game.” It goes on to quote a marketing officer comparing getting a millennial interested in a traditional slot machine to getting that millennial’s grandmother hooked on Halo. Perhaps a fair point!

But how specifically can Vegas casinos look to change the nature of slot machine gaming to appeal to the new demographic? The WaPo article suggests two different methods. The simpler of the two involves redesigning slot machines to resemble video games and other pieces of entertainment and pop culture. For example, there’s mention of a slot machine made to look like a Facebook interface, and there’s clear potential for partnerships with existing, popular games so that their characters, imagery, and sound effects could populate slot machines.

The other method discussed would represent a bigger shift in casino gaming. Essentially, it would involve redesigning popular games (Angry Birds, for example, is mentioned) into gambling activities with money on the line. This would be a massive change in casino strategies, as offering up skill-based video games to players would seemingly open the door for the casinos to lose big to skilled players. That said, Vegas arcade owner Chris LaPorte said (in the WaPo article) that there are ways to tip the odds in favor of the house on skill-based games without going so far as to eliminate the competitive fun for players.

We’ll see what all this means in the next few years as Vegas appears ready to implement some changes. But add it all up, and one thing looks fairly certain: conventional video games may be taking over Sin City.

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XCom 2 Announcment

XCom 2 Announcement

XCom 2 E3 2015

I finished the last one twice so I am into it.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

E3 2015

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal Trailer

Ghost Recon Wildlands E3 2015

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst

E3 2015

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Best reason I have seen to buy a PS4. Well besides project Morpheus.

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