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New online MMO game in Plarium Browsergames

Gamers who love strategy games will be happy to know that there is a new fun game in the MMO virtual world. The game belongs to Plarium the company that created some of the biggest strategy games out there as Stormfall: Age of war and Sparta: War of Empires. You can  play free online games with and most recent addition Nords: Heroes of the North.

Some of the best gaming talents work together at Plarium in providing the best online games and most fun experiences they can for gamers around the world.

In the Plarium browser-catalogue the majority of the games are strategy player vs player enabled games full of action. The idea was to create games where gamers could combine building and army development options with a compelling story and also let players engage in PvP so that the gaming experience is richer, fun and more challenging.

The result was Total Domination, and it was the first real success story for Plarium, with its blend of fully voiced characters, high quality graphics and compelling gameplay it was an instant success. The styling of these games is still completely innovative and it is a formula that has worked well and it has given millions of players all over the world some brilliant games to play.

The next games have improved exponentially, with better graphics, more intricate cities to develop and more military units to control this is a big attraction to a wide range of players. But there is more to these games that how they look, the sheer amount of things to do is incredible and it is very hard to step away from their games.

The PvP aspect is well developed, with the option to form yourself into a guild, create trading or political alliances or just go for an all-out war. Taking the fight to another player is simple and yet full of depth, deciding on your offensive units to take while not leaving yourself exposed is a fine art that requires skills, ability and strategic thinking.

All of the games released keep being updated all the time. There is no forgotten older title that just runs itself, there are special events, items and content updates which keep gamers interested even after long periods of time. Because of this there is never any real stagnation in a game, and you can get your game energy into an old title or a brand new one and it will feel the same. Whether you are battling other armies in a futuristic setting or sailing the high seas in search of treasures there is always something fun to do and your imagination can run wild.

By taking the latest technology and mixing in simple but engaging ideas they have created some of the worlds’ biggest MMO Strategy Games. It is almost impossible to be a gamer and not know of their MMO online games, and that says a lot.

The latest new game – Nords: Heroes of the north is already on the browser. Nords: heroes of the north takes you into the world of Shingård. A fantasy realm with Elves, Dragons, Nordics and Orcs – who jointly defend their land from the Queen of Ice and her army of undead, who want to condemn the world to an endless winter.

The game Nords: heroes of the north includes strategies MMO game, animation of 3D battles, and a wide range of new features that combine GDR with tactical MMORPG and MMORTS. Nords: heroes of the north is an addictive strategy game with multiple players in real time.


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Fallout 4 targeted to be an Xbox One Exclusive?

Fallout 4 has been a pending nuclear weapon waiting to detonate following the groundbreaking prequel which interjected players into a baron wasteland that richly provided hours of entertainment. It became little surprise that the third instalment (a multiplatform release) earned a “megaton” in praise and recognised as “Game of the Year”. Bethesda has built a solid reputation with RPG fans and has continued to maintain the strong bond.

The upcoming consoles to be thrown into the market this fall are beginning a struggle that has been emphasised recently based on Fallout 4s promise. Microsoft has attempted to strike a deal to turn this title into an Xbox One exclusive, a move that would deal a pretty significant blow to the Playstation 4 especially under the current climate as many people watch on to see the slightest of details to see where their interest gets swerved.

Fortunately for Playstation 4 enthusiasts; Fallout 4 will not be an Xbox One exclusive game despite Microsoft’s intention to monopolise it. The main reason has been described to prevent financial suicide on Bethesda’s part, an action that a lump sum from Microsoft wouldn’t realistically be able to subsidise or justify it as a smart investment taking into account every other potential opportunity to gain a foothold.

Bethesda in this critics opinion has made a wise decision, limiting their market isn’t the best way forward when you consider the future is really up in the air when it boils down to the impact that the next generation systems are going to make. This draws out the question of what other upcoming games are going to be targeted as exclusives and how intense this monopolisation is going to get.

Venturing back into a post apocalyptic wasteland will beckon Xbox & Playstation gamers yet again. Grab your stimpaks & your BB gun, soon we’ll be testing our morale brink in a whole new chaotic adventure.




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Less Graphics & More Substance


As we approach the next phase in gaming we must always acknowledge the common hindrance that clings onto this entertainment industry like bone riddling disease. Multiple screen shots have exploded online detailing the upcoming graphics are about to completely blow our expectations out of the water. Gloss & polish set to become the latest eye candy to players.

With this crazy year ahead I find myself very cautiously optimistic about the direction enhanced visuals are going to take us. Today’s consoles are about to be pushed back to secondary position behind their soon to be successors, it’s doesn’t seem that anyone is addressing the key issue to the decline in game sales now do they? No matter how much a developer invests in presentation it will not matter a dime if it lacks interest and substance. A movie with incredible effects is joyful to see however these only serve as momentary fluxes in dopamine. To lack emotional attachment means I simply do not care what the hell I’m playing. When that’s the case a game will not last the test of time.




The problem of graphics taking priority over the quality in writing does typically occur within game franchises. Sequels do tend to lack imagination most the time and often enough drag the core story far away from logic as humanly possible. You will find developers that do this correctly but others cannot resist cashing easy money by flaunting their previous success to draw you into buying a half baked experience. Declining sales are all about interest, nothing more nothing less. How a person feels after playing a game has to be the ultimate decision maker. If you anger your fan base you’ll have to withstand the wrath of many frustrated hard working people who will be less inclined to give you their business.

With some games I do question whether they actually test them. We do regularly see bugs crawl out the woodwork on new releases that are later patch; does anyone test the emotional hooks that are crucial to a story? There are horribly executed stories out there that I’d be embarrassed to use. Games these days are hyped to be a Hollywood blockbuster, that’s more a reason to invest time into crafting brain tingling substance. Maybe it’s age striking me down but dialogue, character chemistry, voice acting, storyline and the overall writing mean a huge deal too me. Yes video games are fundamentally about the gameplay itself; do not overlook the fact that nearly all the highest regarded and greatest games in history are accompanied by a memorable story. A few of those you’ll find now show outdated graphics and are still strongly recommended for you to enjoy!

It’s astonishing when you think about titles such as Resident Evil 6 featuring immense effects & explosions and doesn’t get the respect that “The Walking Dead” Game by Telltale has been hailed. Compare the two, which one paints the future direction you’d like the video game industry to take?

In my opinion watching a car blow up as I walk passed it, adds to the atmosphere but flops because nothing grips you in. On the “Walking Dead” side of things building a paternal relationship with a young girl is absolute genius due to every action matters, you’re protecting her and changes that unfold demand your immediate attention regardless how big or small they seem. Your choices invest and dictate the interaction between the main character and this young girl. Decisions are followed with consequences that you are forced to answer for in more ways than one. If a fly were to fall on her head the game prepares you to want to swat it out of existence. This gives purpose and that makes the story special in its own right.

Capcoms Resident Evil sequels no longer appeal to me; the creative director himself stated that the stories involved are purely based on different scenarios that happen. There is no rhyme or reason to them. I begin to question what use Resident Evil has nowadays. Don’t get me wrong its not all bad, there doesn’t seem a point to write something that evidently won’t effect future sequels. In a franchise that brings plenty of sequels, surely it would be meaningful to make everything interconnect?

Plus being a hardcore gamer I wish they’d replace current enemies with the original zombies. I preferred it with good ol fashioned zombies


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